Poothrukkovile Temple is one of the ancient pilgrim centres of Kerala. Lord Krishna with His consort Rugmini (Kuchela Salgathi) is the deity (dhyanam) here.The most important festival of the temple is ‘Ekadasi Vilakku’, coinciding with the Guruvayoor Ekadasi.Thus the devotees call it ‘Dakshina Guruvayoor’.
The first Akhila Bharatha Sreemad Bhagavatha Sathram was dedicated at Poothrukkovil Temple 25 years ago. This silver jubilee year the same is once again scheduled to be conducted from 23rd to 30th December 2007 at Kurichithanam Poothrukkovil Temple. Unlike ‘Sapthaham’ or Navaham, Sathram dedicates only to the extracts of Bhagavatham, recited and explained in the most divine concept coinciding with the contemporary frame-of-mind of the people of ‘Kaliyug’.Ages behind, when Acharyas desired to propagate the doctrines of Bhagavatham, and sought for a suitable place to recite the same. Lord Krishna rolled off an iron ball (Nemi) and asked to recite the bhagavatham at the place where nemi reduces to earth on the banks of ‘Ganga’ , which is now known as ‘Naimisharanyam’, (Nimisar) in Uttar Pradesh. One of the holy texts of Bhagavatham which is being recited at Naimisharnyam is already brought to Sree Padmanabha Temple, Thiruvananthapuram. This will be the Bhagavatham, scheduled to be recited at the Sathravedi from 24.12.2007 by renowned Acharyas. The same will be transported in ‘Grandharatham’ accepting receptions at more than 75 temples on the way to Kurichithanam Poothrukkovil Temple. The idol of Lord Krishna which is to be worshipped at the ‘Sathravedi’ , is scheduled to be brought from Uduppi Sreekrishna Temple by ‘Vaishnavaratham’ covering 101 temples on the way. The ‘Dhwajaratham’ (One which is carrying the holy flag and flagpole) is scheduled to be brought from Harippad Subrahmanya Temple covering more than 25 temples. All the three chariots will assemble at Sathravedi on 23rd December 2007 being escorted by hundreds on small chariots from various temples at and around Kurichithanam village. The devotees , during ‘Sathram’ will be the audience for recitals and discourses by Acharyas and religious scholars.

“Naamajapam” from dawn to dusk is being performed by devotees aimost on all days of the month.”Annadanam” is given to about one thousand devotees on those days.Truly it is thisNaamajapam that culminated in the first Akhila Bharatha Sreemad Bhagavtha Sathram of 1983.

“Bhagavatha Sapthaham” is conducted regularly during “Vaisagham”of every year .This too was initiated by Bhagavatha Hamsam Brahmasree Malliyoor

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